I’m interested in the mystery within stories, told and untold, and our existential environment juxtaposing nature and humanity. Whether through painting, drawing, photography or other media, this has persistently been the essence of what is important to me. To feel deeply and explore the beauty of a complex world. In this way, my approach is with curiosity and openness to transcend preconceived notions. 


Sherrie Miller grew up on the rural East Coast where she developed a relationship with nature and creative expression from childhood. Focusing increasingly on the visual arts, she studied at Virginia Commonwealth University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting & Printmaking and a minor in Art History. She later studied graduate Drawing & Painting at the University of Georgia in Athens before moving on to work in digital media. Along the way, she has explored various mediums, perspectives in and approaches to creative expression. She now continues her artistic pursuits, based in Richmond, Virginia.



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